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CMS News 23- December 1996

Editor: Nira Karmon
English editing: Laura Cohen, John Tresman
Graphic design: Sarah Nitzan, Publication Department
Printing: Rahash Printing ltd. Haifa.
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Dear friends
The Effect Of Fish Cages On The Natural Environment In The Shallow Mediterranean Continental Shelf Of Israel - Preliminary Resaults
Ecological Research On Lobsters
1996 IMMRAC Marine Mammal Research
The Study Of The Effect Of Consolidated Coal Fly Ash On The Marine Environment
'Bibi' And 'Peres' Come To Vote
Destructive Earthquakes In Historic Times On The Continental Shelf Off Caesarea
The Underwater Excavations In Caesarea 1995-1996
From Paganism To Christianity On The Temple Platform
The Ma'agan Mikhael Ship - The End Of The Conservation
Visit To Gdansk And Roskilde
A Cove Of Many Shipwrecks: The 1995 INA/CMS Joint Expedition To Tantura Lagoon
The 1995 INA/CMS Tantura A Byzantine Shipwreck Excavation - Hull Construction Report
A Diving Study Tour Of The Red Sea
Islamic Maritime Law And Practice During The Classical Period 200-900 CE (AH 815-1494): A Study Based On Jurisprudential, Historical And Geniza Sources
A New Research Project At The Center: Jews And The History Of Shipowning And Shipoperation
In Brief
M.A. Degree Theses Submitted - 1994 to 1996 Department Of Maritime Civilizations
PCaesarea Maritamia - A Retrospective After Two Milennia


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