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Professor Avner Raban
In memory of Professor Avner Raban (1937-2004)

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The Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies
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Courses taught at Dept. of Maritime Civilizations

Marine Mammals & Man (since 1997)

A 2 unit course of frontal lectures that will cover marine mammal evolution, functional comparative anatomy, ecology, feeding, reproduction and social structure, before discussing various facets of marine mammal-human interactions.

Course requirements & Syllabus (hebrew)

Conservation of Marine Mammals (since 2001)

The course is a 2-unit pro-seminar, consisting of 12 meetings, starting with a short frontal introduction, followed by student presentations based on directed reading and summarized by a guided discussion. Key papers on each topic will be given to all enrollees. Course grading is based on class presentation (25%) and on a final submitted paper (75%). Topics may include threats (i.e. global warming, unintentional by-catch), general conservation measures (i.e. marine protected areas) or threatened species (i.e. polar bear, northern right whale, Mediterranean monk seal).
The introductory course: "Marine Mammals & Man" is a pre-requisite.

Physiology of the return to the water and of breath-hold diving (since 2006)

A 2 unit course of frontal lectures that will provide the physiological background for the reinvasion of the water by land animals (insects, reptiles, birds and mammals, including humans). Aspects of locomotion, sensing, heat and water balance and in particular breath-hold diving will be addressed.

Course requirements & Syllabus (hebrew)
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