Michal Artzy, represented the University of Haifa at an international Archaeological Symposium on the subject of interconnections in the Mediterranean c. 2500-500 BCE, which was held in Athens in June. The meeting saw archaeologists from universities in Israel and Cyprus meet with colleagues from the University of Athens. Papers presented dealt with archaeological subjects of common interest in the Eastern Mediterranean. Prof. Artzy's suggestion that the Center for Maritime Studies host the next symposium to take place in two years, was accepted.

Rachel Pollak, a restorator at the Center, attended a week long course on Glass Vessel Restoration at the Opleiding Restauratoren, in Amsterdam in July. The course, given by Sandra Davison, covered, glass vessel repair using adhesives; wax and silicon rubber molds; coloring and casting resins; and advanced restoration techniques.

A conference commemorating thirty-five years of underwater archaeology in Israel, and honoring pioneering archaeologists: Elisha Linder, Avner Raban, Joseph Galili, Shuka Shapira, Haim Stav and Donny Kipnis, took place at Athlit in October. The conference was held under the auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authority in conjunction with the Israeli Diving Federation and the Center for Maritime Studies. The conference focused on underwater archaeology in Israel, with special emphasis placed on the major discoveries of the last thirty-five years.

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