Summaries of Theses submitted to The Dept. of Maritime Civilizations, 2000

The use of Bivalves in the past and aspects of the Ecology of the Pearl Oyster, Pinctada Radiata, in the rocky shore of Haifa

Maritime trade at the Tel Shiqmona: The Persian period storage Jars and coastal parameters

Marine pollution as a morbidity factor in Dolphins: Evidence from heavy metal concentrations in tissues and bones of modern dolphins found along the Mediterranean coast of Israel and in dolphin bones from ancient times

Causes of Morphological changes in the NorthWest and SouthEast beaches of the Kinneret: Two examples of the retaining walls of Ginnosar and Ha'on

Late Roman and Byzantine storage jars from Horbat Castra and their counterparts found off the coast at Kfar Samir

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