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Professor Avner Raban
In memory of Professor Avner Raban (1937-2004)

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RIMS News 2004

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Remembering Avner Raban 2
Avner Raban The Underwater Excavations at Caesarea Maritima 2003 14
Michal Artzy The Underwater Project at Liman Tepe, Summer 2003 17
Hadas Mor Dor 2001/1: Excavation Report, Second Season 22
Deborah Cvikel The Dor 2002/2 Shipwreck Excavation- September 2003 23
Dan Kerem and Oz Goffman The Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center (IMMRAC), 2004 Update 25
Yossi Mart , William B.F. Ryan and Dina Vachtman Fluvial Erosion in the Bathyal Se Mediterranean During the Messinian Desiccation 27
Irit Zohar Fish Exploitation at the Sea of Galilee (Israel) by Early Fisher-Hunter-Gatheres (23,00 BP): Ecological, Economical and Cultural Implications 28
Ehud Spanier The Mediterranean Slipper Lobster, Scyllarides Latus as a 'Flying Machine'- Hydrodynamic Aspects of Locomotion- Preliminary Results 29
Dorit Sivan Christophe Morhange- Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Maritime Studies and Department od Maritime Civilization 30
Summaries of Thesis Submitted to The Department of Maritime Civilizations, 2003 31
Ya'acov Kahanov The sailing study tour to Ionian Islands 36
Publications 39
Rims Staff 43


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