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RIMS News 2005

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Ehud Spanier Dear Friends 2
Jermie (Yirma) Halpern Milestones in a Nautical Life 5
Dan Kerem , Oz Goffman, Aviad Scheinin and Rafi Kent The Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center (IMMRAC), 2005 Update 6
Maoz Fine Understanding Microbial Ecology of Corals 9
Dorit Sivan Geomorpological Research 10
Arad Haggi Underwater Excavation at the Phoenician Harbor at Athlit, 2002 Season 12
Hadas Mor Dor 2001/1- Report on the Third Season 14
Ofra Barkai Tantura F Wreck 2004 Excavation Season 17
Summaries of Thesis Submitted to The Department of Maritime Civilizations, 2005 19
Idit Yovel The DW2 Wreck and Its Finds as Historical Evidence for Coastal Trade in South Ayria and Israel in the 17th and 18th Centuries 19
Deborah Cvikel Archeological and Historical Evidence in Tanture Lagoon of the Marine Aspect of the Retreat of Napoleon and His Army From Acre 21
Adina Ben Zeev The Original Ma'agam Mikhael Ship 23
Nissan Seffen "A Journey Through the Routes of the Levant Coast"- Scientific Nautical Charting of the Land of Israel (Palestine) in the 18th and 19h Centuries 25
Ofra Barkai Base-Ring Ware from Tell Abu Hawam- Excavaion 2001 27
Anat Tsemel Pen-Nets in the Gulf of Eilat and the Roots of Marine Ecology in Aristotle's Writings on Animals 28
Dafna Kadosh Palynological Reconstructions of Late Quaternary Climatic Changes in the Carmel Coast of Israel 30
Edna Ethad Fishes Caught in the Electric Company's Haifa Power Station's Filtering Systems in Relation to Environmental Conditions and in Comparison to Fish Assemblages From Ancient Coastal Sites 31
The 2005 study tour to Turkey 33
Publications 34
RIMS Staff 38


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