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RIMS News 2006

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Ehud Spanier Dear Friends 1
Yossi Mart Variable Sea Levels and Flooding Events in the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea during the Latest Pleistocene and the Early Holocene 3
Ehud Spanier and Dror Angel A Return Visit to the artificial Substrates in the Vicinity of a Fish Farm in the Gulf of Eilat 8
Ehud Spanier Ciguatoxin Poisoning in Rabbitfish and Envirommental Conditions in Haifa Bay 9
Michal Artzy On Birds and the Sea 10
Sarah Arenson The Underwater Archeological Park at Herod's Sunken Harbor of Sabastos (Caesarea Maritima) 14
Deborah Cvikel Akko 1 Shipwreck - First Season of Excavation: September 2006 17
Deborah Cvikel Between the Seas - 11th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology 19
Oz Goffman Changes in Behavioral Patterns towards Humans of a Solitary Sociable Female Bottlenose Dolphin 20
Simona Avnaim-Katav Banthic Foraminifera as a Tool for Reconstructing Holocene Climate Changes in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin: An Attempt to Correlate them with the Historical and Archaeological Records 24
Noga Yoselevich The Utilization of Chalices as incense Burners on Boats and in Coastal Sites 27
Dgani Sivan The Influence of Zoogeographical and Human Factors on the attitude of fishermen towards Dolphins in Ancient and Modern Maritime Societies 29
Dor Golan The Tell Abu Hawan Monochrome Ware: Characterization of the Finds from the 2001 Project 31
Shai Matityahu-Ayal The Decorated Caramics of the ArchaicPeriod from the Underwater Excavation at Liman Tepe: Typology, Distribution and Maritime Routs 32
Sheila Waller From Papyrus to Books to Cargos of Songs: The Medierranean Book Trade in Greek and Roman Times 33
Hadas Segal Monitoring the Conservation of the Ancient Ma'agan Mikhael Ship 34
Gregory F. Votruba Imported Building Materials of Herod's Sebastos Harbor 37
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