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RIMS News 2009

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Yaacov Kahanov Dear Friends 1
Yossi Mart, Yaacov Kahanov Remembering Elisha Linder 19242009 3
Michal Artzy Liman Tepe Underwater Excavations: A retrospective 11
Assaf Yasur-Landau and Eric H. Cline The Renewed Excavations at Tel Kabri and New Evidence for the Interactions between the Aegean and the Levant in the Middle Bronze II Period (ca. 17501550 BCE) 16
Rika Navri Dor 2006 Shipwreck Report of the 2009 Excavation Season 20
Deborah Cvikel Overseas Expedition: The Underwater Excavation of the Jeanne-Elisabeth (Maguelone 2) 22
Deborah Cvikel Between Continents 12th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology 23
Yossi Salmon Advanced Workshop for Ground Penetrating Radar Data Processing 24
Yossi Salmon Joint Geo-archaeological Project, Stavnsager, Denmark 24
Yossi Salmon 15th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting, Riva del Garda, Italy 25
Aviad P. Scheinin The Population of Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus),
Bottom-Trawl Catch Trends and the Interaction between the Two along the Mediterranean Continental Shelf of Israel
Oren Sonin Aspects of the Dynamics of Fish Populations and Fishery Management in the Mediterranean Coastal Waters of Israel 30
Arad Haggi Harbors in Phoenicia, Israel and Philistia in the 9th7th Centuries BCE: Archaeological Finds and Historical Interpretation 34
Hadas Mor Dor 2001/1 Wreck Evidence for the Transition in Shipbuilding Construction: A Characteristic of Socio-Economic Changes in the Byzantine Empire in the 5th-6th centuries CE 38
Eyal Ofir The Sea of Galilee Fish Market 1996 to 2006 41
Eliana Ratner Methods for Preservation of Cetacean Skeletons for Reference Collections, Research and Display 43
Philip Nemoy Sponge Ecology: Historical Aspects and Recent Findings from the Mediterranean Coast of Israel 45
Recipients of the Hatter and Recanati Fellowships in Maritime Studies 47
Publications 48


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