Research field: Bronze Age

Michal Artzy heads the Hatter Laboratory of Coastal Archaeology in the Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies at the University of Haifa.  Her PhD, from the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies at Brandeis University, was the first ever solving an archaeological problem using provenience analyses. A post doctorate using science in archaeology was at LBL, University of California at Berkeley, where she also taught. Upon joining the Maritime Civilization Dept. she undertook studies concerned mainly with coastal archaeology, anchorages/harbors and trade utilizing science and history for furthering the understanding of mechanisms involved in the Longue durée habitation patterns of coastal sites, especially in the Carmel Coast.She is presently involved in the Akko ‘Total Archaeology’ project,  Tel Regev project and the Kursi Beach Excavation as well as preparing publications, including the Bichrome Ware, Tel Nami and Tell Abu Hawam excavations as well as Moshe Dothan's and Avner Raban's legacies


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Mart Yossi

I am a retired marine geologist. I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a PhD in geological oceanography from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. I worked as a Senior Scientist in the Oceanographic Institute in Haifa, Joined Haifa University in1985, and I was a visiting professor in the Universities of Rennes, France, in Columbia University in New York, and in Uppsala in Sweden.

My experience includes being chief scientist at numerous seismic reflection cruises on board R/V Shikmona A and B, Etziona, Hermona, and Mediterranean Explorer in the Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas, and participated in several French and American research cruises in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. I dived with French submersible “Cyana” to the floor of the Bay of Biscay (2650 m) and the western Mediterranean (1800) off Toulon. I participated in the drilling campaign of the scientific research vessel “JOIDES Resolution” in the eastern Mediterranean. I applied analog modeling techniques at the laboratories of the universities of Rennes in France and Uppsala in Sweden to decipher problems associated with rifting and with subduction. I wrote 89 scientific papers, as well as 2 popular books and several papers in Hebrew.

My present research focuses on various phenomena associated with oceanic subduction, with continental break-up and rifting, with the sedimentological regime in the SE Mediterranean basin during the Oligo-Miocene, and with recent and sub-recent climate changes and their subsequent sealevel variations.


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sivan dorit

Coastal geologist, graduated Ph.D on 1996, in Institute of  Earth Sciences, Department of Geology, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, Israel. Senior lecturer in the Department of Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa, Israel.

Short summary of my professional activities:

Over the last two decades I have focused mainly on two closely connected subjects:

 The reconstruction of the Israeli coastal environment in the last two high-stands: the Holocene and the last 125ka years, also known as 'Landscape Archaeology' due to the integration of human settlement records (which the Mediterranean is rich with). The landscape research has been recently enlarged to the shallow shelf (based mainly on seismic surveys) in collaboration with Dr. Dix of NOC, Southampton and Israeli colleagues. I’m also involved in Late Holocene sand sheets and dune studies along the Israeli coast with a post-doc of mine, Dr. Y. Roskin. 

 Indications of sea levels over the last Interglacial cycle (lately I have also been closing a circle and working again on the MIS5.5 sea-levels at the Galilee coast which was part of my Ph.D), with the emphasis on the Holocene and even last 2-3 millennia and the last Millennium.

These two subjects— the coastal palaeo-geography of Israel and the reconstruction of past sea levels in the eastern Mediterranean also led to assessments of various subjects, among which were vertical earth movements of isostatic and tectonic origin on the coast of Israel during periods of human activity. The Last Interglacial (LIG) sea-level study is based on indicative coastal structures while the Holocene database is mainly based on archaeological indicators combined with bio-constructions (the fixed Vermatidae Dendropoma petraeum) relevant mainly for the last Millennium.  All these studies are carried out in collaboration with researchers from Israel and all around the world, and especially the Mediterranean.


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ehud shpania

Department of Maritime Civilizations

Prof. Ehud Spanier is a full professor in the Department of Maritime Civilizations and The Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, and served, for many years as the head of the institute and the department. He obtained his B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Zoology from Tel-Aviv University and his Ph.D. in Oceanography and Marine Biology from the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, USA. Prof. Spanier currently serves on several national and international scientific and academic committees and was president of the Israel Society for Ecology and Environmental Quality Sciences for several years. He has been studying the ecology, behavior and behavioral ecology of marine fish and invertebrates (especially lobsters), ecology of artificial reefs, biogeography of marine animals and biology of invasive marine organisms. He also studied the Murex marine snails which were the source of the ancient dye industry (the Royal Purple- Argaman & the Biblical Blue – Tekhelet) and is the Israeli expert on dangerous marine animals. Prof. Spanier has published over 110 scientific publications and 4 books.


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