Prof. Michal Artzy


Research field: Bronze Age

Michal Artzy heads the Hatter Laboratory of Coastal Archaeology in the Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies at the University of Haifa.  Her PhD, from the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies at Brandeis University, was the first ever solving an archaeological problem using provenience analyses. A post doctorate using science in archaeology was at LBL, University of California at Berkeley, where she also taught. Upon joining the Maritime Civilization Dept. she undertook studies concerned mainly with coastal archaeology, anchorages/harbors and trade utilizing science and history for furthering the understanding of mechanisms involved in the Longue durée habitation patterns of coastal sites, especially in the Carmel Coast.She is presently involved in the Akko ‘Total Archaeology’ project,  Tel Regev project and the Kursi Beach Excavation as well as preparing publications, including the Bichrome Ware, Tel Nami and Tell Abu Hawam excavations as well as Moshe Dothan's and Avner Raban's legacies


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