Prof. Yossi Mart

Mart Yossi

I am a retired marine geologist. I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a PhD in geological oceanography from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. I worked as a Senior Scientist in the Oceanographic Institute in Haifa, Joined Haifa University in1985, and I was a visiting professor in the Universities of Rennes, France, in Columbia University in New York, and in Uppsala in Sweden.

My experience includes being chief scientist at numerous seismic reflection cruises on board R/V Shikmona A and B, Etziona, Hermona, and Mediterranean Explorer in the Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas, and participated in several French and American research cruises in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. I dived with French submersible “Cyana” to the floor of the Bay of Biscay (2650 m) and the western Mediterranean (1800) off Toulon. I participated in the drilling campaign of the scientific research vessel “JOIDES Resolution” in the eastern Mediterranean. I applied analog modeling techniques at the laboratories of the universities of Rennes in France and Uppsala in Sweden to decipher problems associated with rifting and with subduction. I wrote 89 scientific papers, as well as 2 popular books and several papers in Hebrew.

My present research focuses on various phenomena associated with oceanic subduction, with continental break-up and rifting, with the sedimentological regime in the SE Mediterranean basin during the Oligo-Miocene, and with recent and sub-recent climate changes and their subsequent sealevel variations.


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