Head of the Institute


Research areas: marine and coastal archeology, archeology of the Aegean region

He was recently a visiting professor at the University of California, San Diego. His main interests are the connections between the Aegean and the Levant during the Bronze Age, maritime trade in the Bronze and Iron Ages, underwater and coastal archaeological survey, and Canaanite and Phoenician material culture. Projects currently under way include the Tel Kabri excavations (in collaboration with A. Cline of George Washington University), the direction of underwater excavations at the ancient port of Tel Dor (as part of the Tel Dor project directed of A. Gilboa and I. Sharon), the reconstruction of the ancient coastal environment of the Coast of the Carmel (in collaboration with T. Levi of the University of California, San Diego) and the publication of the Tel Akhziv excavations during the Bronze and Iron Ages.


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Tel Kabri excavations website: https://digkabri2017.wordpress.com/

A large collection of articles in Academia.edu:https://haifa.academia.edu/AssafYasurLandau

Land and Sea excavations at Tel Dor: http://dorproj.wixsite.com/dorproj

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