Prof. Ruth Shahack-Gross


Research field: sedimentary archaeology

Ruth Shahack-Gross is head of the Laboratory for Sedimentary Archaeology at the University of Haifa (Dept. of Maritime Civilizations, Charney School of Marine Sciences). With a dual background in Geology (The Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and Archaeological Anthropology (Washington University in St. Louis), Shahack-Gross conducts a materials-oriented research in the field of Geoarchaeology. Her current main research interest is to understand formation processes in coastal and underwater archaeological sites. Her scientific approach is summarized in this review article. Shahack-Gross directs her own excavations and collaborates in other projects. Special attention in the field is given to stratigraphy and microstratigraphy. In the lab, experimentation, microscopic, spectroscopic, and other techniques are used to provide a fuller understanding of archaeological materials and processes. Research projects carried out by the Sedimentary Archaeology research group use the geoarchaeological-formation processes approach to answer broad archaeological questions such as societal collapse events, settlement systems and subsistence economy, and international trade networks.


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