Dr. Joel Roskin


My main academic interests are aeolian/arid geomorphology, geoarchaeology and military geosciences. I have studied the episodes, drivers and palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic significance of the NW Negev dunefield construction, applying methods at varying scales. Upon completion of a post-doc study at the U. of Haifa on the evolution of the Israeli coastal dunes, I will lead with Prof. L. Yu (Linyi U.) a 3-yr ISF-NSFC supported project on aeolian-fluvial interactions in the Negev and China. I am also researching Early Islam plot & berm agroecosystems along the Israeli coast and am part of a German-Israeli-Jordanian geoarchaeological team studying Holocene dust deposition in context with archaeological sites. As part of some of these studies I am investigating the utility of a portable OSL reader for chronostratigraphic work. I am also trying to decipher the relative role of terrain on past and current military activities in the Middle East.



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