Dr. Opher Zahavi

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Live in Kerem Maharal, Israel. Born and raised in Israel and had a technological education in High school, I was servng 6 years in the Israeli Air Force. I studied Physics in the Tel Aviv University (Bsc) and in the Weizmann Institute of Science (PhD). I had worked for 10 years in medical imaging company in Israel and abroad and took managerial roles in R&D division and in Business development. I then had more than 15 years in the field of education as chool principle and as chief scientist of organization that  provides education, housing and employment services for people with disabiolities in Israel. in the last severalm years i joined the Maagan Michael project of Haifa university and was involved in building, sailling and research of tha ship. I am a research fellow in the Reccanati Institute for Maritime study since May 2017.


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