Laboratory of Applied Marine Biology & Ecology Research (AMBER)

Headed by Dr. Dror Angel. The laboratory addresses a variety of topics in the field of marine ecology, with an emphasis on applied areas, including: gelatinous zooplankton and their role in marine systems, variables associated with medusa swarms, marine sponges as a means to achieve sustainable aquaculture, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, offshore aquaculture, documenting microplastic pollution in the coastal zone and its impacts on marine biota, testing various approaches to reduce marine microplastic pollution, understanding the impacts of human activities (e.g., beach nourishment, archaeological excavations) in the shallow coastal zone, employing citizen science in marine research. The laboratory has basic equipment for sampling and processing plankton and water samples, including a YSI sonde, plankton nets, splitters, subsamplers and dissecting microscopes. We have aquaria to hold and examine marine organisms sampled at sea, a rolling table for working with plankton, specialized dissolved oxygen optode electrodes to measure metabolism and oxygen budgets of marine biota and submersible thermometers and light meters. In addition, we have equipment for sampling and processing sediment and benthos samples. The laboratory has six workstations, for both wet and dry work, and serves as a resource in support of research students associated with AMBER. In addition, the lab manager, Mr. Philip Nemoy, offers support and advice to students. 



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